All drone operations are licensed and carried out under a part FAA 107 license.

We have had a 107.29 waiver for night time operations since Dec 2016.

We have successfully received authorization for restricted airspace flights near airports.

Precision Agricultural Mapping

To help you plan precision agriculture practices, we can fly agricultural fields, and map crop health (NDVI) and topographic variability.

3D Suface and Structure Mapping

We can generate Structure from Motion (SfM) photogrammetry results to give you 3D image point clouds and DEMs

Real Estate Photography

We will provide aerial photography for both ecommercial and residential real estate listing, including still and video photography.

Event Photography

Do you have an event that you would like photographed from the air. We can assist with high quality event photography.

Visible and Thermal Inspections

We can provide photography for facility inspection, using visible cameras to assess physical conditions and thermal cameras to identify heat loss from buildings, and potential electrical overheating.

Animal Counts

We can use thermal imagery to provide animal counts and location maps for deer or other large animals. 

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Phantom 3 Pro

  • Flexible use lightweight drone

  • 12 MP camera

  • 4K video

  • Approximately 25 Minute Flight Time

Custom DJI 550 Flamewheel Hexacopter

  • Stable, reliable hexacopter

  • Flexible setup with Visible, NIR, Thermal cameras

  • Approximately 20 Minute Flight Time

Custom Tarot 810

  • Heavier lift Hexacopter

  • Capable of carrying Blackmagic Microcinema or Sony mirrorless camera

  • Approximately 20 Minute Flight Time

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Sony A6000

Mirrorless camera with variety of lens options used for high quality digital photography

DJI Phantom 3Pro Camera

  • 12MP 4000x3000 pixel camera

  • 4K Video Recording at 24fps

MapIR Survey 3 G/R/IR

Ideal for mapping vegetation in precision agriculture applications.

FLIR Vue Pro 640

  • Thermal Camera with high resolution thermal 640x512 sensor

  • 13mm lens 

  • 45x37 degree FOV optic

GoPro 3+ Black

  • Lightweight wide angle video camera

Samsung Gear 360

  • 360 Degree Video Camera

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